The Elephant and The Sparrow

The Elephant and The Sparrow

Once upon a time, a loving sparrow couple lived in a peaceful forest. They had chosen a majestic banyan tree as their home, where they built a cozy nest to welcome their future offspring. The she-sparrow was filled with joy and anticipation as she laid her precious eggs within the soft nest.

One scorching afternoon, a wild elephant named Raja wandered through the forest in search of shade and respite from the sun’s relentless heat. His massive frame trudged along until he found solace under the shade of the banyan tree, unaware of the delicate nest nestled upon one of its branches.


Suddenly, in frustration caused by the sweltering heat, Raja unleashed his anger upon the tree. With a powerful thrust of his trunk, he broke a branch, unknowingly shattering the sparrow’s nest and destroying all its precious eggs. The parents, however, narrowly escaped harm.

The she-sparrow was devastated by the loss of her unborn offspring. She mourned their fate, tears streaming down her eyes as she wept for the lives that would never be. Her grief echoed through the forest, reaching the ears of a dear friend, a wise woodpecker named Oliver.

Hearing his friend’s sorrowful cries, Oliver swiftly flew to the sparrow’s side. Concern etched across his face, he gently asked, “Why do you weep, my dear friend? What has occurred to you?”

Amidst her sobs, the she-sparrow shared the tragic tale of the wild elephant’s destructive rampage. Fueled by her pain and longing for justice, she pleaded with Oliver, “If you truly care for me, dear friend, please help me seek vengeance against the nasty beast that stole my future. I beg you to guide me in finding a way to bring about his demise.”

Oliver, realizing the depth of her anguish, listened intently. After contemplating, he spoke with conviction, “I know of a cunning ally, a clever fly who possesses a keen mind and a resourceful nature. Let us seek her out, and together, we shall devise a plan to bring justice to your stolen dreams.”

With a newfound hope in her eyes, the she-sparrow and Oliver set off to find the fly. After a brief journey, they encountered their tiny companion buzzing amidst a vibrant bed of flowers.

Approaching the fly with urgency, Oliver introduced the she-sparrow, explaining the tragic loss she had endured. “Dear friend,” Oliver began, “this sparrow seeks your aid in avenging the lives that were wrongfully taken from her.

The fly, known as Fiona, contemplated the situation for a moment. She had encountered various challenges, but none were as grievous as this. Determined to help her friends, Fiona agreed, “One of my closest acquaintances is a wise frog. Let us seek him out and present our plight. I am certain he will contribute to our cause.”

United in their mission, the trio ventured deeper into the forest until they reached a tranquil pond where the wise frog named Frederick resided. Eager to assist, Frederick listened attentively as they recounted the tale of the sparrow’s tragic loss.

Upon hearing the sparrow’s tale, Frederick puffed up his chest and proclaimed, “What power does an elephant hold against a united front such as ours? Listen well, my friends, for I have a plan. Fiona, my dear fly, at high noon, when the sun burns brightest, fly near the elephant’s ear, and hum a sweet melody. As he revels in the joyous sound, his eyes will instinctively close. Then, Oliver, our sharp-beaked friend, will seize the opportunity to peck out the beast’s sight. Blinded and disoriented, the elephant will search for water to quench his thirst. That is when I will lead him towards a treacherous marshland, where he shall meet his end.”

Filled with determination and trepidation, the friends set their plan into motion the following day. As the sun reached its zenith, Fiona gracefully fluttered near Raja’s ear, her melodious hum reaching his massive frame. Overwhelmed by the enchanting tune, the wild elephant closed his eyes in blissful surrender.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Oliver skillfully approached Raja, his beak striking with precision, blinding the once mighty creature. Confused and vulnerable, Raja began to search for water to quench his growing thirst.

Meanwhile, Frederick ventured into a nearby marshland, his deep croaks resonating. The sound echoed with the illusion of water, tantalizing Raja’s senses. Drawn to the promise of relief, the blinded elephant stumbled towards the shady oasis.


Unbeknownst to him, the marshland was treacherous and unforgiving. With each heavy step, Raja sank deeper into the mire until he could no longer struggle. Exhausted and defeated, the once powerful beast met his demise.

The forest, now free from the threat of the evil elephant, rejoiced in the sparrow’s triumph. News of their victory spread far and wide, inspiring the forest’s inhabitants with the tale of courage, friendship, and justice.

The she-sparrow, forever grateful for her newfound friends’ unwavering support and dedication, found solace and closure in their shared victory. Though her lost offspring could never be replaced, she took solace in knowing that justice had been served and the spirit of unity had prevailed.

From that day forward, the sparrow, woodpecker, fly, and frog remained lifelong companions, bound by the unbreakable bond forged through hardship and triumph.