The Frog and the Serpent

The Frog and the Serpent

Gangadatta, the king of frogs in a small well, lived a life of both power and discontentment. While his subjects and relatives resided with him in the well, the treacherous acts of his kin threatened his rule. The discontent grew until a revolt against King Frog seemed inevitable. To appease the frogs, he resorted to granting them gifts, but beneath his stoic exterior, a burning desire for revenge smoldered.

One fateful day, King Frog ventured beyond the confinements of his well, aided by iron chains that hung along the sound walls. With an unwavering determination, he embarked on a mission to seek out a fearsome adversary—a giant black serpent that resided nearby.

Arriving at the serpent’s dwelling, King Frog called out to him, surprising the snake with his unexpected visit. The serpent, wary of their historical enmity, questioned the king’s intentions. “How can we be friends, King Frog? Serpents devour frogs,” he reasoned.

Unperturbed by the serpent’s skepticism, King Frog shared his plan, revealing his desire to punish his treacherous relatives. “I want to teach them a lesson,” he explained, “and I believe you can help me achieve that. You can eat them all.”

Curiosity piqued; the serpent inquired about the nature of the well. “Is it dry?” he asked.

King Frog assured him, “The well isn’t completely dry, but there’s little water left. However, a convenient hole in the well wall is just above the water level. You can feast on my relatives and retreat into it for respite.”

The serpent agreed, his tongue hissing in anticipation. “Lead me to the well, King Frog. I shall teach your relatives the lesson they deserve,” he proclaimed.

King Frog led him back to his well, with the serpent following closely behind. As they arrived, the serpent descended into the depths, gradually devouring each of King Frog’s enemies as the vengeful monarch pointed them out. Soon, the rebels met their demise, and tranquility appeared restored.

Days passed, and hunger consumed the serpent. Only King Frog and his family remained within the well’s confines. Sensing his famished state, the serpent confronted the king, uttering chilling words. “I have consumed all your enemies, including your disloyal minister. You and your family are the only ones left to satiate my hunger.”

King Frog’s heart pounded with fear in that difficult moment but refused to succumb to despair. Summoning all his courage, he devised a plan to save his kin. “Fear not,” he stammered. “I shall journey to other wells and ponds, persuading the frogs to come to this vacant well. Once they gather, you can feast upon them to your satisfaction.”

The serpent, appeased by the prospect, grinned with malevolence. “Do it swiftly, for my hunger grows insatiable.”

Without delay, King Frog and his wife leaped out of the well, vowing never to return. They embarked on a journey to other water sources, employing their persuasive abilities to convince frogs from far and wide to relocate to the abandoned well.

Meanwhile, the serpent remained in the well’s depths, still awaiting his feast, ignorant of King Frog’s cunning. Days turned weeks and weeks into months, but no new frogs arrived. The serpent’s hunger grew unbearable, and his patience wore thin.

Meanwhile, King Frog and his wife discovered a lush and plentiful pond, a paradise teeming with frogs. Inspired by their newfound haven, they resolved to create a thriving community and foster a harmonious environment. Together, they led the frogs with wisdom and fairness, ensuring no one ever resorted to treason or rebellion.

Back at the deserted well, the serpent’s growls reverberated through the empty chambers. Furious and hungry, he realized he had been deceived. King Frog’s words had been nothing but a ruse to secure his family’s safety.

Defeated and weakened, the serpent eventually departed from the well, seeking nourishment elsewhere. King Frog’s plan had succeeded, and he could finally Savor the sweet taste of victory and liberation. His reign, once plagued by disloyalty and dissent, had transformed into a realm of unity and prosperity.

From that day forward, King Frog’s name became synonymous with wisdom and cunning. The frogs who joined him in his new home praised his leadership, and his tale echoed through the ponds and wells, reminding all the consequences that occurred treachery and the rewards of loyalty.

As for Gangadatta, he reigned as the revered king, content in the knowledge that he had protected his family and created a legacy of resilience and triumph. His journey from the depths of a treacherous well to the heights of a flourishing kingdom stood as a testament to the power of determination and the enduring spirit of a frog named Gangadatta, the King Frog.